Mike Howard – VP of Operations

Mike took his position as the Vice President of Operations of Capital Growth Solutions in 2008 after more than three decades of loan operations experience.

Before coming on as VP of Operations at Capital Growth Solutions, Mike held a position of a loan closing manager for a conduit loan origination operation, which generated and closed over $300 million in commercial real estate and small business loans.  This was preceded by his time as a HMDA and CRA officer and Loan Operations Manager for First Volunteer Bank, where Mike was actively involved in the growth and development of the bank as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee. He was instrumental in streamlining operations during several mergers and also managed the SBA portfolio of the bank.  Mike also worked in the Loan Operations department of Suntrust Bank for nine years, learning the many different functions of the Loan Department.

Mike is also actively involved with his volunteer work at the Tennessee Aquarium, and has been for over 15 years.


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