December 5, 2019

Staff Spotlight: Tammie Dillard, Assistant Vice President, SBA Client Services

When serving our lender clients, it always helps to have a lender’s perspective. Tammie Dillard brings that perspective, with her 30 years of experience as an underwriter in conventional lending. Always a consummate professional, Tammie knew the benefits SBA loans brought to small businesses and actively sought out opportunities to learn more about SBA lending. Through her network, Tammie learned about an opportunity at Capital Growth Solutions, and jumped at the chance to expand her professional knowledge and learn more about the SBA loan process.

Tammie says that since shifting to the SBA side, she is constantly learning the nuances of SBA lending. “It’s always changing,” she says, adding that it keeps things interesting. She loves taking her experience as a traditional lender and helping guide Capital’s lending partners through the SBA process. “I tell lenders what they need to know. I can speak their language.” One of the things Tammie loves most about working at Capital Growth Solutions is the camaraderie. The team works well together and work hard to meet the needs of their clients.

Tammie loves supporting the back end of the loan process, though she’s not afraid to interact with our lending partners and their clients. She loves the flexibility of working at home and says that it does make it easy to get more work done and to respond to clients in different time zones. However, Tammie does admit that her housework tends to suffer as a result. Still, working from home allows her to be available for her husband and the youngest of their four children, whom she takes to school every day.

Tammie and her family live out in the country in rural Georgia, where she gets to watch the deer and wild turkeys roam in her backyard. A self-proclaimed home body, Tammie spends most of her time with her family, and occasionally binging on movies on the weekend. Having traced her family tree back to the Vikings, Tammie is partial to the history channel and anything to do with England, Ireland, and her Nordic ancestors.

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