October 31, 2019

Ken Olson – Bringing Deep Experience and Perspective to SBA Lending

Deep industry experience is always a plus in any SBA lending professional. But few can match the level and variety of experience that Ken Olson brings to the table. He is unique in that he has experience working with SBA guaranty loans on the SBA side as well as a lender and a lender service provider. Because of that experience, he comes to every situation with a deep understanding of how each organization works, their goals, and their pain points, and uses that information to expertly guide all parties to a successful working relationship.

Ken started his 32-year career with the SBA in 1972. During that time, he worked on their disaster relief programs, their international trade and exporting programs, and then spent the bulk of his career as a lender relations specialist supporting the SBA loan guaranty program. After leaving the SBA he went to work supporting various lenders, before eventually helping create a lender service provider. It was there that he met Chuck Evans, now CEO of Capital Growth Solutions. Ken officially joined Capital in a part-time capacity three years ago.

Ken’s primary role at Capital Growth Solutions is in business development and lender relations, where he helps to introduce new lenders to Capital’s services. In that role, his decades of SBA lending experience come to bear, as he is able to advise lenders on the ins and outs of SBA lending and the best way to leverage SBA loans at their respective institutions. When asked what he thinks makes Capital a great company, Ken replies “the commitment to customer service. It’s a very client centered organization.”

Outside of work, Ken is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather and this October celebrated 26 years of marriage with his wife. Ken is very active in his community, serving on the HOA board, volunteering for Meals on Wheels, and serving on many boards for his church. When he can, he joins his brothers for deep sea fishing and enjoys rooting for his favorite football team – whose name he’s keeping confidential to avoid offending anyone.

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