May 18, 2018

CGS Updates May 2018

SBA Lender Conferences:
Thoughts, Comments, & Criticisms from
the President of Capital Growth Solutions.
I just got back from the Mid America Conference in Dallas-Fort Worth. We sent our staff to the NAGGL Technical Conference in Chicago and soon we will be attending America West, America East, Great Lakes, Tennessee, Florida and a few more conferences in between.
As I chat with my fellow vendors, (it is usually the same group that supports these events), both competitors and complimentary service providers, many of us have gotten close and share information, suggestions and more importantly a desire to make sure this industry flourishes. Comments have been made that the increasing number of conferences has taken away from the NAGGLNADCO and the regional SBA webinars that are now very common. I disagree.
SBA lending is hitting record levels again, and we are close to $30 billion in loan volume. When I look at the production reports that come out, it is usually the top 20% of the lenders who are responsible for 80% of the loan volume. There are, however, more and more lenders coming on board. This is evident by the number of new lenders signing CGS up as their Lender Service Provider. Capital Growth Solutions is reaching record levels. We are all working with newer, less experienced lenders who want to do it right and want to be successful.
Another observation is that our industry is aging and the SBA professionals, like the baby boomers will soon be retiring as we enter the “fourth quarter”. There is a need to attract, grow and educate new lenders, processors, closers and servicing staff on the intricacies of SBA lending, and it is something that needs to be done by more than one organization or left to the SBA.
NAGGL and NADCO are the leaders in our industry for both advocacy and education and that will never change. The SBA District Offices have been successful in offering free technical webinars to new lenders, many of which only make 5-6 loans per year and have no budget to attend conferences. Coleman Publishing has been successful in providing education to many in our industry. The Preston Group, along with others, are now focusing on training.
Our industry needs this collective support as we continue to grow. The conferences should be an effective tool in educating and developing the new group of SBA Lenders. There is no substitute for attending an event where you gain knowledge, meet peers and share best practices with industry experts.

America West is the next conference in our travels and it is designed as an “Educational Forum” and probably should not have been called a “Conference”. The agenda describes some of these 90-minute classes that you may or may not have at some of the other venues. For instance:

  • Lessons Learned for Building Your SBA Program
  • SBA Underwriting & Cash Flow Analysis
  • Preserve and Protect the SBA Guaranty
  • Franchise Lending for Community Lenders
  • Closing Fundamentals
  • Double your SBA Loan Volume
  • Properly Managing Risk through Processes and Procedures

I hope you will join us at America West or one of the upcoming events in 2018.

J M Chuck Evans
President & CEO

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SBA TYPE: 7(a)
LOAN AMOUNT: $178,000.00
PURCHASE: Existing Business
LOCATION: Bolingbrook, IL
BANK: Stone Bank

SBA TYPE: 7(a)
LOAN AMOUNT: $617,000.00
PURCHASE: Inventory
LOCATION: Pampano Beach, FL
BANK: Stone Bank

DATE CLOSED: 4/19/18
LOAN AMOUNT: $525,000.00
PURCHASE: Existing Business
LOCATION: Ormond Beach, FL
BANK: Stone Bank

SBA TYPE: 7(a)
DATE CLOSED: 4/23/18
LOAN AMOUNT: $828,000.00
PURCHASE: Construction of New Building
BANK: Stone Bank


DATE CLOSED: 4/24/18
LOAN AMOUNT: $525,000.00
PURCHASE: Property
LOCATION: Wildwood, FL
BANK: First Green Bank

DATE CLOSED: 4/24/18
LOAN AMOUNT: $233,200.00
PURCHASE: Existing Business
LOCATION: Pompano Beach, FL
BANK: First Green Bank

DATE CLOSED: 4/27/18
LOAN AMOUNT: $1,465,000.00
PURCHASE: Working Capital
Debt Payoff
BANK: Stone Bank

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